Vocational Training with The Fix Ministry

Research has shown that academic and social achievement often serves as protective factors against drug and alcohol abuse. Inversely, those individuals who have low academic or social achievement are at high risk of developing a problem with drugs or alcohol.

With committed staff and business partners we implement effective vocational training programs that empowering individuals to become self-sufficient, provide for the needs of their families, and to become leaders in their communities, faith groups and occupations. The vocational training is one of several reasons why The Fix Ministry has been and continues to be so successful.

Vocational Training through The Fix Ministry

G&S Technologies

G&S Technologies is the North American leader in the removal, recycling, disposal and repair of transformers and other oil-filled electrical equipment. Students are taught how to handle tools and equipment in the process of recycling transformers. Once they have completed The Fix program, they have an opportunity to be hired full time at any of the G and S businesses nationwide.

King’s Dominion

We have partnered with King’s Dominions volunteer program to help them during their operational season. During this time, we help kids of all ages have more fun than they ever imagined while gaining valuable work experience and skills that last a lifetime. We also get to share the Gospel with people from Central Virginia and from around the world.

Howard Lawn Care

Howard Lawn Care is a local Christian lawn care company that specializes in residential and commercial service in the Greater Richmond area.  Their owner has years of experience that teaches students how to provide professional service with the reliability that customers count on. Howard Lawn Care also hires students that complete The Fix Ministry.

BTS Construction

BTS is a Christian construction company that focuses on underground utilities and water main construction. In business since 1985, students gain a deep understanding of backflow prevention, cores, and valve insertion in the commercial setting like airports, fire stations, schools and business. They also have the opportunity to be hired.

Other Projects and Businesses

We also help business, churches and people in our community. From paint jobs, to repairs, to moving we do it all. Our students and staff are talented in their gifts and skills ready to lend a helping hand. Whether it is for a donation or you are in need, give us a call!!