Jason and Jody Swezey
Jason & Jody Swezey

In November 2007, Jason sat with his sister at her kitchen table and discussed how to “fix” his over twenty-year drug addiction.  A half dozen drug programs, hours of therapy, and many meetings hadn’t worked.  He literally was at “death’s door” and was losing all hope.  Jason had tried virtually every means to beat his demons with no success.  His sister suggested he enter a faith-based program. The only thing left was God.

The very next week he entered a Christ-centered, yearlong program in Beaverdam, Virginia where a miracle occurred.  Within that year, Jason gave his life to Christ and began a personal relationship with his Lord and Savior.  Through the grace of God, he was delivered from the chains of addiction.

By the end of his year, Jason realized that God had called him to dedicate his life helping others.  He wanted those men and women suffering from addiction to experience the same freedom he now knew.   He wanted others to know Jesus Christ.  Jason wasted no time.  He obtained his degree in biblical studies, became director and pastor of the very same faith-based program, received his degree in psychology from Randolph-Macon College, and found himself helping hundreds of men and their families experience the freeing love and power only found in knowing Jesus.

Jason subsequently met the love of his life, Jody.  She had also fought addiction for many years, and was without hope when she entered the women’s program of the very same ministry.  Jody had had the same life changing experience as Jason.  After hearing Jason preach on Discipleship, Jody knew that this was the man who God had chosen for her, and they married soon thereafter.  God has blessed Jason and Jody with four beautiful children, Camden, Lucas, Levi and Liya.

After successfully completing the women’s program, Jody began mentoring young men and women, helping them to fight their own addictions.  She worked with area pastors developing and coordinating special events to raise funds to help spread the news of the healing power of God.  Jody also was instrumental in helping to launch a separate women’s ministry, and coordinating women’s conferences.

Jason and Jody formed a team to serve the Lord in doing his good work healing lives lost to addiction.  In the fall of 2017 Jason met Pastor Fred who gave them a vision for The Fix Ministry, a program with one singular purpose – to deliver as many people as possible from the bondage of drugs and alcohol.  The Fix Ministry became reality in the summer of 2018, and now is serving many lost and broken men and women in helping them find a new life in Christ.

Fred & Casey Weymouth

Fred Weymouth struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for most of his adult life. Fred began dabbling with drugs in high school and quickly lost control. He joined the Coast Guard as a way of escape from his problems and quickly found alcohol the prevalent problem in his life. He left the military with an honorable discharge and joined the family business that his grandfather and father built from the ground up. Fred maintained some sobriety during these years and began to seek solace in material things. In 2004, his father was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and was given just 8 weeks to live. After his death, Fred went into full rebellion and began a downhill spiral into heroin addiction that lasted for multiple years. In 2014, Fred found himself kicked out of 9 rehabs, he had exhausted all of his support system, and was homeless and at a point of complete desperation. One night behind a Valero, sleeping on a cardboard mat, Fred asked God to save him from himself and to deliver him from his addiction. The Lord saved him that night and he began to transform him by the renewing of his mind. He spent some time incarcerated afterwards and began to get into the Word and the Lord gave him a passion for the word and for the lost. That passion led him to co- found The Fix and Lighthouse Ministries helping people with the same struggles from which the Lord delivered him. Now Fred is the co- pastors and co-director of The Fix Ministry and pastors The Fix’s City Lighthouse Mission RVA, and urban ministry that helps the homeless and lost in Richmond, Virginia

Casey Weymouth has a similar story and background as her husband, Fred. Casey spent multiple years in the Army, serving in Kosovo and Germany. She earned her B.S. in Business Finance in 2003 from Virginia Commonwealth University. She struggled with drugs and alcohol for many years and in brokenness and desperation, gave her life to Christ. Casey has a passion for the lost and broken and sharing where hope and freedom are found, in Christ. Casey is a member of the SBCV women’s ministry team, and teaches and speaks to women about pertinent biblical issues and resources. Casey is the Secretary of the Board of Directors for The Fix Ministry and teaches women at our urban church plant, City Lighthouse Mission RVA.

Scott Mackey of The Fix Ministry
Scott Mackey
Program Manager

Despite growing up in an alcoholic household, Scott began drinking at an early age become a full fledge alcoholic by the age of twenty. After meeting his wife and giving his life to Christ in his early twenties, he quit drinking. Ten years later they got divorced. Despite his success in the business world, the loss of his wife was the catalyst for him to start again. It took several years, but Scott eventually sought help. For over ten years he was in and out of rehab, at times very successful at others back at rock bottom.

It was at rock bottom that he entered “The Healing Place” in Richmond, Virginia at the suggestion of his brother. After leaving the program early, Scott picked up drinking and did something he swore he’d never do; smoke crack and put a needle in his arm. This decision almost cost him his life. By the grace of God, Scott was able to get back to The Healing Place where he graduated, became a mentor, and got a six-figure job at the Federal Reserve in Richmond. Unfortunately, Scott had one more run in him in him and again he lost everything that he had worked in his recovery. Scott ended up at MCV where a nurse suggested a faith-based program in Beaverdam, New Life Ranch. He was told once at the Healing Place, if you miss the God part, you miss the whole thing. God had a plan!

Scott entered the program directly upon release from the hospital where he met Pastor Jason Swezey, his wife Jody and their son Lucas, and things really began to change.  All effort was now, and for the first time, put directly into his relationship with God. Through Pastor Swezey and the men he was surrounded by daily he learned to put God first. Not only to stay sober but to lead a joy filled life.

Through that relationship his future took on new meaning, he became part a Pastor Swezey’s staff eventually becoming his assistant director. From the very beginning of the vision God has for “The Fix”, Scott has stood beside Pastor Swezey and Pastor Fred, helping build the program from the ground up as the Program Manager. He is responsible for the day to day operations of the facility and keeps things running smoothly. It is abundantly clear to him that this is God’s plan and path and he is happy to be in a position to help the students in the program with their walk in the Lord and avoid some of the pain that he had to go through to get here.