Bringing Meals to Richmond’s Homeless Community

The Fix Ministry believes that through discipleship men and women can have a life changing relationship with Christ that can break the chains of addiction, alcoholism, hopelessness and homelessness or what ever life controlling issue they are struggling with. In the process they can experience restoration in all areas of life including family and relationships.

One way we do this is through feeding the hungry from the homeless to the men in the program. The Fix Ministry feeds hundreds of meals monthly. We have an open service every Saturday and Wednesday where people from the community, the guys and their families meet for food and fellowship. Through feeding the stomach we reach their hearts to encourage a radical change.

Through all the ministries where we feed people, we are targeted to serve over 300,000 meals or more this year. Whether it is at The Lodge, in the community of King William, or downtown RVA we serve those who are hungry for food and the Word of God.